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Multinet is deeply involved into various social and charity programs

In Afghanistan these projects include:

Program of donation and support of Afghan community. Since 2006 Multinet takes part in this program and annually contributes considerable amounts to various donations and sponsorship projects. The donations of the past years were channeled to Rural School Support Program, Cultural Organization of Afghan Women, World Telecommunication Day, Orphanages Support, and Children Hospitals Support Programs.

Development of Internet access for the schools. Multinet is happy to add its modest inputs to the noble charity project initiated by High Commission of ATRA and Ministry of Communications of Afghanistan. Multinet connected orphan school Ashaiana to free Internet.
In partnership with Roshan, Multinet provides wireless access to school networks, digital libraries and other Internet resources. This project is part of the big One Laptop Per Child Project aimed to bring the digital competence to children of Afghanistan. This will open for children and their parents more opportunities for education.

Medical donations. Multinet provides high speed Internet access to health organizations and hospitals of Afghanistan to support high quality medical care for children and their parents. The hospitals that were covered by this program are French Medical Institute for Children, DR. Vahaje Clinic, Afghan hospital, Ministry of Public Health,Gozara District hospitals and others.
Multinet continues to put its best efforts in rehabilitation of Afghanistan, both in ICT field as well as in the other areas of economy and social life.