Wide Range of Wireless Broadband Solutions

Multinet sets up operations in the countries that experience serious lack of telecom services. Our business accelerates the economy growth and supports development of banking, health care, education and other sectors.

Multinet is committed providing high quality voice and data transmission services to corporate and private customers. We develop and implement new services in line with the markets needs. Some of our services include:
- Fixed Wireless Local Loop (WLL), International Gateway/Termination, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
- Data Transmitting Products;
- Clear Channel, Internet Access, Virtual Private Networks;
- Value Added Services;
- Data Centres, Call Centres, TV/Radio Broadcasting, Video on Demand, Video Surveillance Services, Video Conferencing Services
- and others

Our technical solutions are built on IP technology. We develop modern next generation networks for voice, data transmission and value added services.