Who We Are

Telecom Development Company Asia (TDCA) is a telecom centric software development outsourcing company. Our core business is deliver custom software development projects for our customers world-wide.


Technical Skillset

TDCA team has a perfect mix of expertise in different technologies, platforms, and practices, so they can find the best solution for your project. It's a great advantage when you need a cross-platform solution too. Web, desktop, and mobile can be created under one roof.

Perfect Process

Following the highest standards and improving our service in all possible directions, we've achieved polished bulletproof software development process with top quality project management. With this advanced approach, we've minimized all the routine for our customers and streamlined project delivery practice.

Cost And Value

Custom software development is a big investment. And an even bigger risks. But, TDCA specializes in mitigating risk and delivering maximum value for your budget.

Fast Ramp-Up

With our vast resource pool and dynamic team allocation, we're able to start working on your project in no time.

Business Analysis

We take an honest look at your business model and target audience. This allows us to craft a software solution that genuinely helps your company and your customers thrive.